What are composite fillings?fillings

Composite or “white fillings” are synthetic dental material used to replace missing tooth structure after all decay has been removed. It mimics the natural shade of the tooth, so that no one will be able to tell that you have a filling in your mouth. Compared to the old, unattractive silver (amalgam) fillings, composite fillings are better cosmetic options for anterior teeth as well as posterior teeth. Our experienced team of trained professionals can match the shade of the tooth being restored to the adjacent teeth.

Can you quickly explain how is a filling done in your dental office?

The procedure for placing composite is simple. After you are fully anesthetized and dental caries is removed, an etchant gel is placed over the preparation area to chemically roughen up the site. A thin layer of bonding agent, or dental glue, is applied, and then followed by a beam of light to harden the bond layer. Our well-trained dentist will then gently shape and contour the composite material in an incremental manner to rebuild the tooth morphology. A bright dental light is used to “cure” or fixate the composite into final position. Bite adjustment and polishing are also done to make sure your fillings are as comfortable as the original, natural tooth.

Does your office remove old silver fillings for aesthetic enhancement?

Yes. With just a single appointment, you will walk out of the dental clinic with an attractive new smile. Dark, silver fillings that were done years ago can now be replaced with tooth-colored, metal-free fillings.There will be no more hesitation when opening wide again.

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