Do you need a dental crown in Katy TX? crowns

Dental crowns, or “caps”, are permanent prostheses that are used for various reasons to restore the teeth back to function. Typically, you will need two visits to our office to have the crown done. On your first visit, we will prepare your tooth by reshaping the external tooth structure so that there is space for the actual crown to seat. We then take an impression and send it to the dental laboratory to make your actual crown. You will go home with a temporary crown. Typically, it takes about 2 weeks to get the crown back. On your second visit, we will remove your temporary crown and clean it well. Before we seat your actual crown, the size, shape, and shade of your crown are thoroughly analyzed to see if the aesthetic is appropriate. Final attachment will be done with our superb dental cement. Our clinic utilizes the latest and greatest quality dental material to keep you healthy.

What if I lost my temporary crown or it becomes loose during the waiting period?

Temporary crowns can become loose or dislodged from the tooth after eating or flossing. That is why we recommend eating on the other side or eat something that is not too sticky. One perfect example is to avoid chewing gum. When flossing, floss downward and pull the floss out. Do not vigorously glide the floss up and down, as this action can loosen the temporary dental cement further. If you lost a crown or it became loose, call our office immediately so that we can fabricate another one, or cement the crown back on again.

Can you briefly list some of the reasons why I may need a dental crown again?

Crowns are necessary if you have:

•Large existing silver or white fillings that are prone to fracture
•Minimal tooth structure left due to large decay or missing tooth structure
•Severely discolored fillings, or fillings that repeatedly chipped off
•Root canal treated teeth where the internal integrity of the teeth have been weakened
•Existing, unaesthetic crowns that have been there for years
•Recurrent decay around the previous crowns that need replacement
•Dental implants placed and fixated to the jaw bone, and ready for permanent prostheses
•A missing tooth where crowns are needed anteriorly and posteriorly to hold the artificial tooth in position
•Worn down or flattened cusps of the teeth that make you look aged
•Teeth that are developmentally malformed such as peg laterals
•Severely stained teeth from antibiotic consumption (e.g., tetracycline) during younger years or other forms of genetic defects

If you have any of these conditions, please call our office at (832) 589-0671 for a consultation.