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How is Invisalign different from the traditional metal braces?invisalign-300x203new2

Invisalign is the latest advancement in orthodontic world and it has revolutionized the way we look at orthodontics. Instead of using brackets and wires to move teeth, we now have options to straighten teeth. Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic trays to move your teeth into a desirable position. What’s nice about Invisalign is that you can have orthodontic treatment without anyone knowing it. It’s particularly important to busy, adult professionals who have to meet and speak to the public on a daily basis.

Can you briefly describe the whole Invisalign process?

On your first appointment, our staff will take impressions of both upper and lower arches. You will also bite down on a bite registration material so that the lab technician will be able to puzzle the upper and lower teeth together. We also need to take some photographs of your face and teeth for the Invisalign company. It takes a few weeks for your plastic trays to get fabricated.

Next appointment is the delivery appointment, where you actually receive your trays. Our staff will go over instructions on how to take care and clean your trays.

Do I need to have attachments or “buttons” put on my teeth?

Every case is different. Our doctor will determine if you need to have the buttons put on to assist in certain tooth movement. Typically if you need to have buttons, it will get put on during the delivery appointment.

I’ve heard of IPR before, what does it mean?

IPR stands for interproximal reduction. It basically creates room between the teeth for better movement, particularly when you have crowded teeth. When the sides of the tooth get reduced, or “slenderized”, it become narrower and fits nicely into the dental arch.

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