night-gaurd-300x203newA night guard is used to prevent further damage for patients who have a habit of grinding and bruxing their teeth. The night guard is made out of a clear, plastic appliance that covers the top incisal or occlusal portion of your teeth. The appliance is worn during sleep to prevent unconscious bruxing habits. A night guard will also help reduce muscle soreness and TMJ pain.

How is the night guard made? 

To make a night guard, it requires two appointments.

First appointment:

We need to make an impression of the upper and lower teeth using alginate or PVS dental impression material. The impression is then pour up in-house or sent to the dental laboratory to make a solid cast model. The model is a replication of your dentition. The fit of the acrylic night guard is based on your cast model.

Second appointment:

This is the delivery appointment which allows you to try-in your custom-made night guard. If there is any area that extended or impinging on the gum, the dentist can reduce that area to make you comfortable. Occlusion is also adjusted to make sure both sides of the teeth are touching evenly, and make sure the anterior teeth are not touching first. We rely on the posterior teeth to touch heavily because molar teeth can handle more compressive force than anterior teeth.