dental-bondingScaling and root planing, which is commonly called “deep cleaning”, is an effective method of cleaning deeper around the gum tissue to reduce the number of harmful bacteria that are thriving and causing gum disease. It is used to eradicate deep pocket depths and removal of tartars. Our dental office in Cinco Ranch use strong topical and/or local anesthetics to numb up the gum before starting the procedure, so that you will be comfortable throughout the process.

The goal is to get the gum to become pink and healthy again. Red and bleeding gum are signs of periodontal disease. There are many fibers, called periodontal fibers, connecting the gum to the tooth, and we want those fibers to establish strong and tight connection to block the bacteria from invading deeper into pockets.

In conjunction to scaling and root planing, our family dental office here in Katy TX also offers advanced laser gum therapy—the latest dental technology for gum disease therapy. Laser therapy is the technology where a specific light wave is activated at the deep pockets around the gum to lyse bacteria cells and helps reduce their numbers so our immune systems can have a better chance of combating the bacteria successfully. The laser gum therapy is typically done following your deep cleaning, and best of all, it painless.

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