Meganwhite-29Fsm5 Reasons why you should get your teeth whiten: 

  1. Anti-ageing effect—whiter teeth make you look younger. Generally, younger individuals will have whiter teeth than older individuals. Teeth turns yellow from internal developmental changes, and external changes from stains and pigments accumulating onto the enamel. Therefore, whitening your teeth will make you appear younger.
  2. Increase self-confidence—whiter teeth can give you an increase in self-confidence when interacting or carrying out a conversation with peers, co-workers, and family.
  3. Approaching special life-events—if you’re have a wedding, a graduation, a date, or a job interview approaching, then you should get your teeth whitening. You may have many memorable pictures taken at these events.
  4. Attractive appearance—when interacting, people generally spend a lot more time looking at the face. The mouth and eyes are the focal points of attention. Whiter, balanced teeth are simply more attractive.
  5. Social acceptance—if you are a professional (teachers, engineers, or healthcare providers) interacting with your clients on a daily basis, having a white, clean teeth is essential.

Ultra White Dental utilizes state-of-the-art Opalescence BOOST teeth whitening product that is chemically activated. BOOST is the leading, award-winning whitening product in the dental industry. There is no light needed because the gels contain self-activating chemicals to lighten the color of your teeth. You will see that your teeth get whiter after two 20-minute applications. The whitening gels also contain potassium nitrate and fluoride to help strengthen the enamel and reduce sensitivity. 

Many of our patients have come to us stating that they have been trying over-the-counter whitening products, and the results are inconsistent or ineffective. Other patients lack the time or commitment to whitening their teeth at home for several weeks. If you are one of those patients who want to get your teeth whitened at an accelerated pace, in-office teeth whitening is the solution for you. Our dental office also offer customized, take-home whitening trays to maintain the white shade of your teeth.

Why you should whitening your teeth with us?

  • Instant results that you can compare in just about 1 hour
  • Minimal sensitivity post-procedure compared to other teeth whitening systems
  • Enjoy watching a movie or listening to Pandora while you get your teeth whitening
  • Experienced staff who does in-office teeth whitening on a regular basis

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